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I did get the WIA newsletter stuff proofed, and then headed out to Fullerton. Missed most of church, but did get some room reservation paperwork and some flyers dropped off for the Womens' Book Club so at least it could be promoted to second service this week and both next week. Almost everyone who currently comes to the group is from first service, so that's really where it needs to be promoted anyway.

Also watched the Academy Awards with Kevin and his parents this year, as we have done every year (sometimes just us, sometimes all four of us). Lots of surprise winners - including my favorite song of the past year or so, "Falling Slowly" from the movie ONCE. I figured the vote for the three songs from ENCHANTED would split, but that young girl singing in the AUGUST RUSH tune was very good and I felt it quite plausible that song would win. I mean, I *SCREAMED* with joy when they announced Glen Hansard and Marketa Irglova. And, because of the miscues that happened, I'm glad they did give Marketa some onstage time. Since these two are mainly out to make music and not films, they might never get this chance again.

Also bummed that RATATOUILLE won over PERSEPOLIS - I mean, I liked the Pixar film and all but I felt PERSEPOLIS to be of good quality across the board plus being groundbreaking. At least it's progress... :)
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