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Hi. Yeah, I know, I've been a bit AWOL lately.

Been very very crazy. Work mainly. That and finishing two classes in Project Management on Risk and Quality. Now I am taking two more (Fundamentals and Leadership) PLUS Introduction to PHP.

Not to mention I moved.

Yeah, seriously. MOVED. After 12 years in the Koreatown/MacArthur Park area, I have now officially made Glendale my home as of June 23rd. The higher heat is taking a little more getting used to, but I am within walking distance not only of work but of far more places than I was before. Sure I was walking distance of a bank and the grocery store, but the MALL? Actually, I guess technically with the opening of the Americana (Glendale's clone of the Grove that they built near Farmer's Market a few years back), make that TWO malls. The pluses far outweigh the minuses.

Fingers crossed the first big project I've worked on will launch in a couple weeks. That's taken the bulk of my time. I really hope people like the end result. We've worked very long and hard on it, and had some struggles too. But I guess that comes with any project.

I do have hotel reservations for Comic-Con and already asked for the vacation days back in March which got approved. Hopefully I won't be too burned out to enjoy it.

FYI, you can also find me a lot these days on Facebook too... partially because I have a lot of co-workers who hang there, not to mention my sister whom I seem to follow just about anywhere. Except to the other journal she moved to. No plans to migrate for now.
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