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One of the things about moving is that it makes you acutely aware of how much you can accumulate and the need to prioritize what you hold on and what you let go of.

Or, the lack of ability to do that, as the case may be.

I'm not sure which I am at the moment. Kevin and I made a run to a storage area I have rented to deal with the overflow I had to move out of the apartment early to make room for more packing. Our purpose was to get a TV stand I purchased at IKEA (and we later got a second one today for the other TV set I now have, that's a different story...). Anyway, we did an accounting of what's still there.

One folding media shelf. Two folding bookcases. A computer desk that needs assembly. A box of all the old issues I did for PAPER MAYHEM with the CTF 2187 fiction, women in PBM gaming articles, etc. when the widow of the publisher sold me all the back stock.

And I believe it was twenty (or just shy of twenty) bankers boxes of stuff!

About six of those off the top of my head are books, from my school annuals to media communication theory texts, to National Geographic series for younger readers I kept for research. Two boxes are full of all my CTF 2187 game turns from over the entire span of my career playing the play by mail game (speaking of which, I have to remember to send my new address to the GMs and get into a game with Dad again like we talked about!).

But for the life of me, off the top of my head, I don't know what the other boxes are. No, wait, that's not totally true. My childhood and adolescent writings are in some of those. But the remaining boxes can't ALL be that. So what are they? You'd think if they were so significant I'd, like, remember. Right?

Good thing I also rented the semi-private garage. I knew I'd need it, but wow, this was a bit more than I expected. Seriously.
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