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To everyone who will have to put up with me at work: I'm tired and I'm sorry in advance. I will not be my razor sharp troubleshooting save the world self.

But I do have to say that JemCon 2008 was totally worth it. To see how all the fans have come together and their interest in custom fashions for the dolls, their appreciation of the show for being far more than just a selling point for said dolls, and the cosplay.

Besides doing my own intimate classroom panel (which was the least organized thing I've ever done, and actually in some ways the best one), I was recognized from the front row audience during one of the larger panels as I was introduced as co-founder of TRULY OUTRAGEOUS! JEM mailing list and being thanked for how key we (meaning Lesley and I) were for starting JEM internet fandom and getting a LONG round of applause for it. I've had occasional short thank you accolades like most people do in average settings but this... this was simply amazing. They also publicly made sure to ask me to thank Lesley too, and as she has been doing the day to day management for so many years, she deserves it almost certainly more than I. L, these fans really really thank you. Several people came up to me privately and said thank yous as well.

Another big and moving moment for me was actually getting my badge. It had the Jemcon logo up top, then my name, and then below that two words "Animation Writer". They easily could have labeled me "Truly Outrageous! Mailing List" and that would have been fine. When you consider JEM is the show for which I saw my first animation script samples and really started to learn to write animation because of it, met an incredible woman who served as a role model for a time when a lot less women were in the field, and quite frankly I know I cemented my path going into animation because of this show, to see all of that connected together after 20 years was an incredible moving experience. Though it's been real for a long time, this was that moment where a childhood (teenage) dream truly was real... and truly outrageous! :)

Met some other awesome pros, including getting to really talk to Samantha Newark (speaking voice of Jem/Jerrica - she sings too but the singing voice of Jem was actually in New York), and Michael Sheehan (voice of Rio).

More details later, I have to get out the door to my day job, which I do love so and would not have happened without all the rest.

There's been so much in my life that falls together like this it's why I have to be convinced life is more than just coincidence.
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