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Just like the book before it, GARDNER'S GUIDE TO PITCHING AND SELLING ANIMATION offers a selection of Spotlight Interviews from people in all aspects of the animation business. The book is more than just my telling how it can be done, but gives the chance to hear from people in their own words how it has been done.

Look for spotlight interviews from:

* HEATHER KENYON, former development executive at Cartoon Network
* GREG WEISMAN, producer of SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN and many other credits
* LOUISE NEMSCHOFF, entertainment attorney (please note her information is general and does not constitute specific legal advice for any situation)
* STAN BERKOWITZ, writer of the animated JUSTICE LEAGUE: THE NEW FRONTIER and many other credits
* MARV WOLFMAN, with numerous credits in animation, video games, comics and more
* JYMN MAGON, Story Editor for numerous series including many for Walt Disney Television Animation
* VIC COOK, director for SPECTACULAR SPIDER-MAN and many other credits
* JENNIFER UPTON, Producer at HIT Entertainment London
* BETSY MCGOWEN, former executive for KidsWB!
* KEVIN PAUL SHAW BRODEN, show developer and narrative illustrator
* ADAM BEECHEN, Story Editor for HI HI PUFFY AMIYUMI and other animation and comics credits
* CHRISTOPHER KEENAN, former development executive for Warner Bros. TV Animation and animation development consultant
* STEPHANIE GRAZIANO, owner of Building Your Own Business and former animation studio executive

Get GARDNER'S GUIDE TO PITCHING AND SELLING ANIMATION now from various e-book retailers (who are mentioned in prior blog posts)! Selected sites also provide a sample of part of Chapter One, which includes the Heather Kenyon interview. Check it out now!



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