Jan. 19th, 2008

Hi all! I have been reading posts, commenting occasionally, but not reporting much in my own journal for a while. Mainly because work has kept me so busy, which is good. I'm getting to do a lot that's fun and exciting, but also challenging. Also in the last week or so I've really been getting into Facebook with a vengance. My sister got me over there but I didn't use my account at first... but now that I've found people I work with there, I'm hanging there more than I used to.

Also working on some more cooking challenges. Tried making fudge on my own and that went relatively well (though I think it'll be even better if I use butter over margarine, not for health but consistency). Tonight, I used the new grill pan I got for Christmas and tried to stovetop pan grill chicken breasts. A little less successful, I don't think I pounded them thin enough was part of the problem.

Just finished and turned in an feature length online article I was solicitied to do in November right after I got this new job that isn't due until February 10th but I wanted them to see it a couple weeks early for comments. It's for a site on women and writing but they haven't ventured into talking about animation writing before. So even though I have past samples to refer to, this is still somewhat of a unique case.

I have Monday off when I intend to totally relax.



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