Feb. 7th, 2008

I actually got a room, to my surprise. It's the Doubletree (formerly Radisson) I was at a couple years ago and not all that crazy about, but maybe the change will bring improvements. As bad as the computer servers were this morning I thought the odds were really against me for getting a room.

What makes it so tough for me is that I have to get something on a con shuttle route if I'm not walking distance since I don't drive. So, no Con hotel would have meant missing my first San Diego Comic-Con since I moved here in 1996.

But you know, really, truly, it's not about the madhouse of panels and exhibit floors. It's completely and totally sentimental. For one, I was born in San Diego, so I like making an annual pilgrimage to my birthplace - and missing out on my annual trek to eat at Anthony's Fish Grotto would be so not cool! (I'm told my parents ate there often when Dad was stationed in San Diego)

Add to that the fact it's the closest thing the fiance' and I had to a relationship anniversary before the proposal. We'd known each other first via online and mutual friend recommendation but hung around together all the time when I first came down. I actually went to Con on his guest pass just weeks after arriving. It was the year that the convention was July 4th weekend due to the Republican National Convention happening during the usual time frame it was held. Which gave us some awesome fireworks that weekend, and not only the ones in the sky kind ;) Yeah, we first kissed on my hotel balcony with fireworks going and all that in the hotel across the street from Anthony's, making Con part of what took our relationship into new waters.

So I don't go for the reason most comics/animation geeks do (though I am one!), and it would really have depressed me not to get the hotel room.

Now granted, I haven't asked for the time off yet. I can't do that for about another 3 weeks given my current situation. At which point I'll file the paperwork immediately! If I can't go, I'll still be sad, but it's easier to turn around and cancel the reservations then wait and find I could go but there's no room...



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