Feb. 23rd, 2008

I do far more reading than commenting or writing in LJ these days. I am too busy!

We have a big deadline looming on a major project that eats up a lot of my time that is pulling in talent from practically every department at the company. I'm also finding myself constantly juggling scheduling for our handful of site content and sponsored game programmers. Love it, but there is certainly no room for relaxing much... I'm always doing something, or planning to do the next something. That's the struggle of a Resource Manager. I even had to run in for a little while today (Saturday) to catch up on small things that got put by the wayside focusing on the big project until 8pm Friday night.

Hoping my buds who went to GDC had a good time. Maybe one of these years now that I'm part of this world too I'll actually find out more about where you've been going for years!

Also spent a little time this evening making a flyer advertising the Women's Book Club for the church. There's a new person in charge, and since the whole group knows I'm the writer of the bunch, they've called on me to do the PR stuff. Which I don't mind, just the timing's a little tight.

I still have to read the articles for our next issue of Women in Animation's WORKS IN PROGRESS newsletter as well (I've been coordinator on that for the last couple years now), hoping to do that Monday at absolute latest. Right now I can't give them the attention they need.

In the interim, I'm *FINALLY* getting around to reading Connie Willis' TO SAY NOTHING OF THE DOG (which I've wanted to since I saw and briefly met her at Worldcon in Anaheim, oh, more than a couple years ago). Fortunately it has many short chapters in that large book. I totally devoured THE DOOMSDAY BOOK - the first thing of hers I read - when I bought and read the entire thing at nights during Worldcon, could not put it down.

And that's me for the time being. The one thing I miss is, outside of the copyediting I do for FLYING GLORY AND THE HOUNDS OF GLORY, is that I'm not getting much personal writing done right now. Maybe after this really large project goes away...



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