Not too much going on, except work work work. Especially this week. I worked 40 hours this week at the music company, and then got a call asking if I could also do a 4 to 6 hour job on Saturday. With the music company closed Saturday, I thought some money better than none. So I said yes.

I wound up doing an 8 hour day Saturday and coming back for several more hours of work Sunday. At least I still get most of Sunday and all of Monday off.

Keep hoping for a permanent job in something that really interests me to come along.

On the writing side, I am juggling between a fantasy story I hope to be around 7000 words (currently at 5200) and a THE BATMAN spec. I actually found an idea that clicked with that series, a welcome surprise! Actually, I think I mentioned here earlier I was considering one for JUSTICE LEAGUE UNLIMITED. To my surprise, I have found THE BATMAN to be a better fit for this, though both were good stories. It's nice to keep that part of the brain active.

Tonight, also saw MADAGASCAR as the race closes to vote for the annual Annie awards in animation presented by ASIFA. I'm also going to a screening of LILO & STITCH 2 tomorrow night, even though it was a DVD release first I just like any excuse to get on the Disney lot. :) This will be only my second visit. Our ballots are due Friday.



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