Feb. 3rd, 2008

Fortunately it's only a couple weeks since I posted, but indeed it has been six months since Kevin proposed to me over the phone from Northern Ireland. This was in part symbolized by going in to where we got the ring for the six month cleaning and inspection for the insurance. Yeah I know, how NOT romantic... ;)

I wish I could say we'd made more progress in this area, but we really haven't. We still have no date. We're only now back to where we were six months ago before I was so unceremoniously let go from my job. I received an offer this week that will have me at the company I'm at for the long term, and it far surpassed any expectations I could have had. But there's still the reality of having to now put back in savings all the money I used for getting COBRA insurance set up, and to live on when there was difficulty getting unemployment due to the California wildfires due to the way the EDD offices were messed up, and all that.

The larger obstacle remains what it is has been... Kevin still doesn't have any steady work. He's had a fair number of promising interviews and all, but nothing that's come through. And to his credit, he doesn't want to live solely off me the way he's been living at home for so long. But we both know that the longer nothing happens for him, the longer we're stuck.

But with everything I've been through in my life, no matter how frustrating it gets sometimes, I wouldn't trade Kevin for anything.



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