Sep. 18th, 2008

I know I've been gone quite a bit, between work and school I've been VERY busy.

But if I'm not busy enough, I've managed to find a little time to put in an appearance at JemCon 2008 in Van Nuys next weekend. Most of you should know what JEM is given we have similar friends circles, but for the few who may not it was a 1980s cartoon about female rock bands and "glamor and glitter, fashion and fame" to quote the theme song. I won't be there as a Special Guest mind you (that honor is reserved for people that worked on the show such as Christy Marx nd others!) but it still was cool to get a request to come from the Con organizers given that I'm known in the JEM community as co-founder of one of its first and definitely most enduring mailing list. Someday though, maybe Christy and I can both end up special guests at the same con.

Christy - and I know you're reading this but I'm going to say it all the same - has been one of the best mentors and friends in this business I could ever have hoped for. Thanks for taking a chance on a 15 year old teen two decades ago. So much of this incredible life is thanks to you, and I'm not going to forget it.

JemCon 2008, celebrating the '80s animated series JEM, runs from September 27th-28th at the AirTel Plaza Hotel in Van Nuys, CA. My panel is scheduled for Sunday at 11AM, but don't miss all the great industry guests on both days of this convention! On-site registration will be available, so if anyone in the neighborhood wants to stop by and say hi or check out what this JEM craze is all about, I encourage you to check it out.

More details at

Now to think about how to compress things into 45 or so minutes and not get too redundant with what I suspect Christy will cover. I'm planning to try and emphasize animation production over writing since Christy specializes in writing and development, but a lot will depend on the audience. I've learned the hard way to go with the flow.



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